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EACH Risk Committee Representatives

Mandate: The EACH Risk Committee is a standing committee established in accordance with the By-Laws of EACH and accordingly reports to the EACH Board, working on specific mandates agreed by the EACH Board. Mandates may also detail specific deliverables and timescales.

Composition: The EACH Risk Committee shall comprise one representative per organisation who shall hold a Senior Risk Management role from each of the CCPs that are members of EACH. The participation is voluntary. Additional representatives per organisation may exceptionally be allowed to be part of the Committee.

Work: The work of the EACH Risk Committee includes:

  1. To develop an EACH view on any relevant risk related issue
  2. To develop responses to consultations, surveys and questionnaires related to Risk issues in coordination with the EACH Board and Policy Committee
  3. To work closely with European regulatory bodies ESMA, FSB, ECB, EBA on Risk matters impacting EACH members.
  4. To discuss and analyse Risk Management techniques and developments
  5. To develop and maintain a framework for the exchange of risk-related information in times of market stress
  6. To ensure on-going communication between members of the EACH Risk Committee on risk management issues
  7. To provide advice to EACH General Assembly and the EACH Board.